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Silver Penny Farm is a Sonoma County meeting space available for meetings & retreats. Interested in booking your next meeting here? Please contact us to learn more about pricing packages and availability.

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Silver Penny Farm is more than just a Sonoma County meeting space.

We believe in long roots. 

The structures that live beneath the rich earth of Sonoma give life to the crops that feed and fuel our community of plants, people, and other living things.


Also, the intricate system that connects people with our ideas and circumstance, that links time and the environment, the seed with the farmer, conservation with innovation.


At this intersection we steward this land and the network of relationships that nourish it. Silver Penny Farm is a physical location for meetings & retreats but also a promise of what can happen when a shared vision shares a home.


Through the fields: regenerative agriculture, organic practices, and ecological acumen seek justice for the earth. 


Through the doors: learning, reflecting, and eating food grown locally together.


At the four corners of this property are ideals – Care, Fairness, Health and Ecology – firmly planted in the ground.


We’re built on a strong heritage—Native American, Spanish, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Mexican. Community grows here.


We flourish with the land.


Education is our sustenance. 


Welcome to Silver Penny Farm

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